Orval Abbey

You have certainly already tasted the unavoidable cheese or the famous Trappist beer from Orval! But have you ever visited the Abbey? Located in the province of Luxembourg, the former Cistercian Abbey is a place full of history and authenticity!

Inytium was entrusted with the scenography of the Guest House, the building where visitors are welcomed. Our teams were in charge of

  • The lighting of the exhibition.
  • Interactive lighting linked to the multimedia terminals to highlight the models of the abbey.
  • Interactive terminals presenting different views of the Abbey, its history and its operation.
  • The “Medialon” automation system with management of the different modes of visit with or without a guide.
  • The development of an alternative programming system for the operation of the multimedia terminals to open the site in “coronavirus” mode.


Further information: https://www.orval.be

Photo credits: Marcos Viñals Bassols